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Assault & Battery Attorneys In Bay City, Michigan

Assault and Battery is a crime committed when a person attempts to physically harm another person and acts in a way that causes the victim to fear that he will be harmed.

If you're accused of this crime, the assault and battery attorneys at Triton Legal PLC carefully consider whether you were justifiably accused or if you were exercising your right to self-defense. The distinction between battery and self-defense is important. If convicted of Assault and Battery, you could face up to 93 days in jail plus court and probationary costs.

Hiring an effective assault and battery attorney ensures that you aren't railroaded into pleading guilty to something you either did not do or had a legal right to do. We defend your right to defend yourself and your family. Call (989) 439-9600.

What are Assault and Battery?

A primary factor in either crime, assault or battery, is having the intent to cause harm to another person. Modern laws pair the offenses of assault and battery together as one, with the idea that making threats of violence, engaging in threatening behavior that causes the victim to fear he will be harmed, and actually physically harming someone all show an intent to cause harm.

What's the Difference Between Assault and Battery?

  • Assault is putting someone in fear of being battered.
  • If you swing your fist at someone but don't hit them, it may be considered an assault.
  • Battery is making unwanted contact with another person.
  • The aggressor does not have authority or permission for the contact.
  • If you swing your fist at someone and make contact, then it may be considered a battery.

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