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Acquittal in Saginaw County: The Case of a 0.24 BAC DUI

January 2024

Joseph Blata, a seasoned attorney practicing in Saginaw County, Michigan, recently scored a striking victory in an OWI case. Known for his extensive expertise in criminal defense, Blata's success in a DUI case where the client registered a blood alcohol content (BAC) of 0.24 is a testament to his legal acumen and dedication.

Who is Joseph Blata?

Joseph J. Blata, a principal attorney at Triton Legal PLC, has carved a niche in various legal arenas, including criminal defense, family law, and driver's license restoration​​. A graduate of Michigan State University's law school, Blata has been admitted to the State Bar of Michigan since 2009, bringing with him a rich blend of knowledge and experience​​.

The Case at Hand

In a scenario that typically spells trouble for defendants, Blata's client faced serious charges stemming from a DUI arrest with a BAC three times the legal limit. The case hinged on whether the client actually "operated" a vehicle.

The Outcome

The jury's decision to acquit Blata's client in the face of seemingly damning evidence underscores the importance of skilled legal representation. It highlights how Blata's methodical approach and dedication to his client's rights can lead to successful outcomes, even in the most daunting of cases.


Joseph Blata's achievement in this challenging DUI case is a notable example of legal expertise and client advocacy. It showcases his ability to navigate complex legal waters and secure favorable outcomes for his clients, affirming his standing as a formidable attorney in Saginaw County and beyond.

For those facing similar legal challenges in Michigan, especially in matters of criminal defense or DUI offenses, Blata's expertise and the resources of Triton Legal PLC offer a beacon of hope and professional guidance​​​​.

Practice area(s): Criminal Defense, DUI / DWI

Court: Saginaw County District Court

Joseph J. Blata

Need Comprehensive Legal Experience on Your Side? Meet the Owner of Triton Legal, Joseph J. Blata Mr. Blata's legal experiences have taken him down three main pathways: Criminal Defense, Family Law, and Driver's License Appeals and Restoration. As a driver's license restoration attorney, Joseph...

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