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Dismissal in Resisting/Obstructing Case

This morning in Saginaw County, our attorney secured a dismissal of all charges in which his client was charged with assaulting, resisting, or obstructing a police officer in violation of MCL 750.81d. On the morning of the jury trial, the prosecution attempted to get the client to take a plea offer, offering several different plea bargains. We remained steadfast that the client had done absolutely nothing wrong, and they weren't interested in making a deal.

Prosecution opted to dismiss all charges

Joseph J. Blata

Need Comprehensive Legal Experience on Your Side? Meet the Owner of Triton Legal, Joseph J. Blata Mr. Blata's legal experiences have taken him down three main pathways: Criminal Defense, Family Law, and Driver's License Appeals and Restoration. As a driver's license restoration attorney, Joseph...

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